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The KanRent initiative is a collaboration between property owners and managers and housing support organizations in Kansas. We connect property owners with vacancies to local supportive service agencies who help individuals and families who are seeking a new place to call home.

We believe that property owners and managers are active partners in solving homelessness and strive to equip you to operate profitable rental properties while providing housing to those who need it the most.

Benefits of Joining KanRent
  • Our KanRent support team offers a centralized point of contact for the network of housing support organizations in the region. We can help connect you with a referred tenant’s case manager, offer resources on rental assistance programs, and ensure your vacancies are filled by setting you up in our shared KanRent database.
  • Access to a free, easy-to-use listing platform exclusively accessed by local service providers (Padmission) to showcase your vacancies. Update your availability once and dozens of organizations will see your information!
  • Wraparound and support services from local organizations to assist tenants with housing stability. We aren’t asking you to be the social workers, that’s our job! Let us know if any issues come up and we will offer resources and support.
  • Strengthen your community by ensuring all our neighbors have access to safe and stable housing. Help us change a life today!
Local Housing Support Agencies

Receive applications from potential tenants supported by homeless service providers. List of current providers coming soon.


Padmission is a web-based platform that powers KanRent real estate partners to easily list their vacancies in a free, centralized location. Padmission is a closed inventory and only accessed by approved users. All applicants applying through KanRent bring the benefits of the initiative to their tenancies.

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Douglas County: Kristen Egan
Southeast Region: Adele Clark

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