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NOFA Rank and Review Procedures are followed to complete the Priority Listing part of the NOFA Competition.

Kansas BoS CoC Project Rank and Review Procedures

As required by the CoC Program NOFA Competition, all projects must be objectively reviewed and then ranked in numerical order. The Rank and Review Panel met 9/5/2017 to review all applications and supporting documents received. Below are the results:

Priority Ranking

If your agency would like to file and appeal, please use the attached form and send it to KSHC staff. The deadline to submit an appeal is Wednesday 9/13/2017 at noon.

NOFA Ranking Appeals Form

The BoS KS CoC NOFA Committee has developed a timeline for the 2017 CoC Funding Competition NOFA. Any changes to this document will be broadcast through our listserve and will be updated on our calendar.

2017 NOFA Timeline

No More Turning Away

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