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CES Access Points

CES Access Points are defined as places-either virtual or physical-where an individual or family in need of assistance accesses the Coordinated Entry System. The KS BoS CoC’s CE process utilizes the same assessment process at all access points in order to apply a consist process throughout the CoC in order to achieve fair, equitable, and equal access to services within the community. The Coordinated Entry Committee (CEC) has approved the use of the Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VISPDAT) as created and owned by OrgCode Consulting, Inc..

​The VI-SPDAT is utilized as a triage tool intended to be used as an initial determination of potential housing and support needs for people experiencing homelessness. It includes documenting information about the barriers the person faces to being rapidly housed and any characteristics that might make the person more vulnerable while homeless. Once clients have gone through the assessment tool, they are placed on the regional CES list. The Regional Coordinator bring regional partners together to meet at least once every month to review and update the CES list, case conference, and make referrals.

Please see the map below for our current CES Access Point partners. For more information on how to become an access point, please reach out to




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