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A Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a local information technology system used to collect client-level data and data on the provision of housing and services to homeless individuals and families and persons at risk of homelessness. Kansas BoS CoC Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) MAACLink is the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) used by the BoS CoC to capture client-level information over time on the characteristics and service needs of men, women, and children experiencing homelessness. It is designed to aggregate client-level data to generate an unduplicated count of clients served within the continuum. Uniform, longitudinal data is necessary to understand the extent and scope of homelessness in the BoS CoC and across the country. MAACLink provides the BoS CoC with a tool to collect and analyze client level data on people participating in homeless service programs. By allowing the BoS CoC to accurately calculate the size and needs of the homeless population, as well as the outcomes of specific interventions, MAACLink provides a means for tracking service and demand for homeless programs and understanding where improvements need to be made. Information gathered from MAACLink is used to target limited resources and inform continuum planning and policy decisions. Within each region and across the BoS CoC, MAACLink provides the following important benefits at the client, program, and systems level:
  • Front-line service staff can provide faster, more effective services to clients through streamlined referrals, benefits eligibility, and coordinated case management,
  • Agency administrators can better manage operational information through access to a variety of agency, program, and client-level reports,
  • Policymakers and advocates can make informed decisions by having access to system-wide data describing the extent and nature of homelessness and a greater understanding of service usage, effectiveness, and gaps.
In addition, MAACLink is a social service software suite developed and maintained by the Mid America Assistance Coalition. The system contains vital information regarding services provided to individuals throughout the communities MAACLink serves. Access to this information helps service agencies manage limited resources more efficiently by:
  • Minimizing duplication of services,
  • Capturing information about unmet community needs, and
  • Identifying households that could benefit from more comprehensive case management or support services.
HMIS -  Sub-Committee The membership for the HMIS Sub-Committee is primarily the users of the MAACLink HMIS in the Balance of State CoC. This sub-committee is a forum for the user to discuss what is working ans what is not working with the HMIS in the BoS Continuum of Care. It provides an opportunity for users to provide feedback to the Balance of State HMIS Oversight Committee (BHOC) about the MAACLink system. If you would like to become involved with the HMIS sub-committee please contact our office. Kansas Balance of State HMIS Oversight Committee (BHOC) The BoS HMIS Oversight Committee (BHOC) is responsible for the overall data quality of the HMIS. This includes setting the data standards for the CoC, assuring that resources are available for HMIS implementation, and monitoring the use and quality of HMIS data entry. This committee membership consists of the HMIS Program Manager with Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (HMIS Lead), the BoS CoC Coordinator with KSHC, and the staff assigned to the Balance of State CoC from Mid America Assistance Coalition (MAAC – HMIS Provider). The BHOC was developed to perform standard, regular data integrity checks of MAACLink agencies.  The BHOC conducts the following monthly oversight procedures:
  1. Run a monthly custom report for all agencies in MAACLink which will be filtered based on specific program types (e.g., Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, etc.),
  2. Run a monthly Usage Report on all agencies to identify patterns of nonuse that are conflicting with the data needs for specific program types,
  3. Create a monthly HMIS Findings Report regarding data quality assurance for non-compliant agencies/programs and submit to agency’s Executive Director with findings and timelines for needed corrective actions,
  4. After corrective actions deadline, rerun reports for non-compliant agencies/programs. Complete follow-up with on-site trainings or technical assistance if necessary.
To obtain the 2016 Data Quality Assurance Plan for the Kansas Balance of State HMIS please click one of the links below. HMIS Data Quality Assurance Plan 2015 (BHOC) HMIS Data Quality Assurance Plan (BHOC) -Template 2015        

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