HUD-VASH Resource Guide Now Available

HUD and VA are happy to announce the release of The Department of Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Resource Guide for Permanent Housing and Clinical Care.

 HUD-VASH’s goals are to place homeless Veterans in safe, stable, affordable, and, most importantly, permanent housing. Under the auspices of the program, HUD provides housing vouchers while the VA provides long-term case management, ensuring not only that Veterans receive the medical and counseling services they need but that they are able to sustain residence and avoid relapsing into homelessness.


The HUD-VASH Resource Guide was designed to provide case managers, social workers, treatment specialists, program managers, and other clinicians who work with homeless Veterans through the HUD-VASH program with a comprehensive set of resources. The guide includes a wide range of information such as useful tools, exercises, worksheets, and links to other homelessness resources and programs. The guide will help the HUD-VASH program more effectively address the multifaceted and complex housing, clinical, medical and psychosocial needs of homeless Veterans and their families.

The Guide is now available for use by the public and can be found here:
We hope that you find the information contained in the Resource Guide to be useful in your critical and important work with homelessness and hope that it will help to raise awareness of the HUD-VASH program.
(Information provided by HUD)

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4 Responses to HUD-VASH Resource Guide Now Available

  1. Rebecca Skidis says:

    My name is Rebecca and I am a leasing agent for Air Capital Rentals in Wichita, KS. I just wanted to see of there was an email of someone that I can send an updated available property list to. We have apartments, houses, and duplex that we rent out for people that need a new start or even a second chance. The properties that we have a reasonably priced and we do not look at credit. We also do not require an applicant to have a previous rental history. I look forward to working with you and talking to you more about our properties.

    Best Wishes,
    Air Capital Rentals

  2. Peg says:

    Yes, please send your information to:
    Doug Wallace at
    Thank You~

  3. Taryn says:

    We are new to being military veterans and are on HUD VASH but are having hard time finding a home for our family in derby or south Wichita,is is there a site I can see lists of because many people think section 8 which we aren’t , thank you
    T. L

  4. Doug says:

    There is a website you can visit that provides a list of available housing. On this site, you can enter in search criteria, such as listing only apartments or houses.

    Another option is to contact 211 to inquire about housing options in your service area.

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